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What is www.gov.au?

www.gov.au is the Australian whole-of-government single point of access that links to all Australian Government, state, territory and local government online entry points. This site aims to provide access to government information and services across all levels of government in Australia; the Australian Government and state, territory and local government.

The site's design and floral emblems

This site has been developed with useability and accessibility principles as the main drivers for design.

The floral emblem of each political jurisdiction appears when your cursor is placed over the jurisdiction's name. The photographs were sourced from Floral Emblems of Australia. The Australian National Botanic Gardens site also provides further information on each floral emblem.

Linking to www.gov.au

A link graphic and html code is provided below if you wish to link to this site.

Access to the information and services of the Australian federal, state & territory governments<a href="http://www.gov.au/"><img src="http://www.gov.au/images/gov_button.gif" width="88" height="31" border="0" alt="Access to the information and services of the Australian, state, territory & local governments"></a>

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