The vision for GOV.AU Prototype

We're designing government information so that people don’t have to understand the structure of government to get things done.

This GOV.AU prototype shows how 'joined-up' government services could look and work for users.

An example of using GOV.AU

Starting a business: Matt's journey with GOV.AU

Meet Matt, a passionate cyclist, whose dream is to open his own bike shop.

Read Matt's story or watch the video, to find out how he uses GOV.AU to start a business.

Explore Matt and Ken's journey across GOV.AU

Matt starts a business

Matt wants to open a bike shop with a cafe attached. After answering a few simple questions, he is given a checklist of government tasks that match his situation.

Ken comes to work in Australia

Ken receives a notification about his Australian work visa and confirms his sponsorship details so that his application can proceed.

Example GOV.AU pages

We've built some example Department and Minister pages to show what they could look like in Beta.

Building GOV.AU

The GOV.AU prototype was built by the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) to meet the Digital Service Standards. All Australian Government digital services must meet the standards, which ensure that services delivered online are simple, fast and easy to use.


A team of developers, designers and researchers had 9 weeks to move through the first two phases of the service design and delivery process: Discovery and Alpha. Working collaboratively in an industry hub, the team rapidly built and iterated the prototype for public release.


During the Discovery phase, user research took place over 4 weeks. The team wanted to see if it was possible to create government services online, that allow users to easily do the things with government they want to do, in the one place.

2 fictional characters were introduced to show how GOV.AU can be used to:

  • start a business (Matt)
  • become an approved business sponsor (Matt)
  • apply for a visa (Ken).

How we did it

The Alpha phase saw the build of GOV.AU happen in 5 weeks. Sketched in code, the prototype is designed to focus around a single task 'Starting a business'. It works by a user answering a few simple questions, so that the answers can be matched to the right (local, state and federal) information based on their situation.

Checklists with links are also provided. The 3 checklists allow a user to explore what they can do to start a task, like applying for licences and permits or guide a user to more specific information.

Several pages were also built to show how content could be rendered. None of the pages built are intended to be correct because they exist for illustrative purposes only.

The Digital Transformation Office (DTO) welcomes feedback about the public release of the GOV.AU prototype.