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Your sponsor checklist

When planning to sponsor skilled workers from overseas your business will need to meet a range of conditions.

These include showing that you’ve been operating lawfully and that you have tried to employ local staff for this position. Additional payroll and training requirements must also be met.

Find out how sponsorship works

  • Provide a job description 1 to do

    To sponsor a worker from outside Australia, you’ll need to provide a job description that outlines required skills and experience, previous work history, intended salary details, any staff benefits and planned working hours.

  • Complete employee details 1 to do

    Contact details for your sponsored employee, including full name, address, email and phone number are required. You can submit this now or later.

  • Fees and payment 1 to do

    Sponsorship fee: $420
    Nomination fee: $330
    Amount payable now: $750

    (Applicant fees of $2,120 will become payable as your application progresses)

  • Track and share 6 to do

    Keep updated on the status of your application by tracking your progress.

    Application received

    Received: 15 October 2016

    Review in progress

    Approved: 20 November 2016

    Further information requested

    Received: 26 November 2016

    Payroll information

    Received: 26 November 2016

    Sponsorship approved

    Received: 1 December 2016

    Nominated position approved

    Received: 3 December 2016

    Shared with employee

    Shared: 3 December 2016

    Employee checklist
    Employee application received
    Employee review in progress

    Pending: 10 - 15 days

    Further information requested
    Visa approved